Carl Jung was a pioneer of modern psychology.  Along with Freud and Adler he is considered a “giant” in the field, and is regarded as one of the most serious thinkers of the 20th Century.


Jung worked extensively with clients over a 60-year career.  Trained as a medical doctor, he specialized in psychiatry because he had a passionate interest in trying to understand all aspects of human psychology.


Jung’s collected works span over 20 large volumes on a vast range of topics.  Many of his ideas are in common use today and provide a foundation for how we all think about psychology.  He developed concepts such as “introversion” and “extroversion”, “persona”, “complexes”, “shadow” and the “collective unconscious” and explained them in detail.


Jung called his ideas about understanding humans “Analytical Psychology”.  He developed an approach to depth therapy and many techniques which have stood the test of time.  The approach is often called “Jungian Analysis”.  The internet contains over 18 million web-sites which address his work.


Jung took a “scientific” approach to his work.  He insisted on having substantial evidence to support his ideas, much of it based on his own clinical work and his extensive investigations into his own psychology.  He analyzed and interpreted over 60,000 client dreams before publishing anything on the topic.


Jung discovered that most of what we think, feel and do is driven by unconscious forces.  Most of us don’t believe it because we are literally unaware of these forces.  Modern brain research is proving that he was right.  The process of Jungian Analysis helps to make these unconscious forces “conscious” so that insights can be understood and dealt with in lasting ways.


Jungian psychotherapy is very effective in delving deeply into difficult life situations.  It frequently brings forth important insights from an inner wisdom that can be applied to real life situations today.  I have found from personal experience and in working with clients that the process often results in the client leading a more satisfying and fulfilling life.


Jung wrote hundreds of “quotable quotes”.


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