I want to get to know you well and will listen carefully to ensure that I understand the challenges you face.  I like to hear your thoughts and feelings about how you are dealing with your situation now.


We are equal participants on this journey of life and I respect that you know yourself better than anyone.  I know you have an innate wisdom that can provide insights about what you need to do to resolve your issues.  My role is to help you to discover and use that inner wisdom.


Ideally we will meet once a week for an hour in a comfortable, private office on Bloor Street near Christie in Toronto.  My goal is to provide a warm, trusting setting for important conversations about your life, your challenges and solutions. Your identity is confidential.  Nothing we talk about is shared with anyone without your permission.


I have studied and used the ideas of many psychologists for over 30 years.  For the last six years, my learning has focussed on the important work of Carl Jung. I will use the approach and methods developed by Jung in our meetings as well methods developed by other psychologists.


The process can occasionally move quickly but most often we will work together for several months or longer to achieve the results you want.


I have found in my personal life and in working with clients that this “depth therapy” helps to resolve many challenges and leads to a more interesting, satisfying and meaningful life.


I’m ready to help.  If you’re interested in setting up a free 15-minute phone consultation to ask any questions and schedule a first appointment, please use my Contact Form.


BOB WILLIAMS 647-526-8946